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Federal Employees Might Have to Repay Unemployment Benefits Used During Shutdown

The Office of Personnel Management released its guidelines for federal employees furloughed during the government shutdown late last week. The guidelines stipulate that because Congress has agreed to give furloughed workers back-pay for their forced time off, employees might have to repay any state unemployment benefits received during that time. Agencies must check to see whether any of their staff filed unemployment claims while out of work. If so, the agency must inform the state what amount of back-pay the employee(s)...

Thank You, Federal Employees

Regardless of which side of the aisle you support (if any), a "thank you" to federal employees is long overdue. Happy Friday, everyone. Glad you're back to work.

Irony: OPM Lists Contacts For Help While They Are Out On Furlough

On Friday, October 11, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) updated its Furlough Guidance website with new information dated October 4, 8, 9 and 11. The website offers Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs (October 11, 2013) and a Table of Recent Changes. The page also houses "Information on Paychecks" for the September 22 through October 5, 2013 Pay Period which consists of a series of FAQs on payroll. Ironically, OPM also lists a series of contacts, but does note that "these contacts...

House Passes Bill to Fund VA

The House of Representatives has moved to fund the Veterans Administration through the shutdown and into fiscal year 2014. The House passed the bill, H.J. Res. 72., on Thursday, October 3rd, with overwhelming Republican support. Democrat opposition was strong, but they still got 35 Democrats to sign on as well. The final vote was 259 in favor, 157 opposed. The bill, dubbed the “Honoring Our Promise to America’s Veterans Act,” restores funding for disability compensation, monthly stipends under the GI Bill...

How Is the Shutdown Affecting You?

We are wrapping up Day 3 of the federal government shutdown. Several pundits didn't think a shutdown would happen, or that it would be over in 48 hours. Some are expecting a deal on Friday. What we want to know is how it has affected you so far? Are you a furloughed employee or contractor? Do you have enough money put aside to deal with the loss of pay, even if it's just for a few days? Tell us in the comments, as well as your predictions for how or when the shutdown will end.    

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