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Time Off Awards for Federal Employees

Time–off awards are a unique form of award agencies can grant Federal employees. (The other forms of awards are cash, honorary items, and informal recognition items). Agencies decide when and how to use time–off awards to enhance their overall awards program and support the achievement of the agency’s goals and mission. Major features of time-off awards include the following: ` • Time–off awards do not require additional funding or cash disbursement by agencies. Because the form of the award...

Federal Pay Frozen in 2012

After receiving a 3.5% pay increase in 2008, a 3.9% raise in 2009 and a 2% increase in 2010, federal employees have seen their pay frozen for two years. Federal employees can still receive bonuses and get a pay increase if they earn a promotion. The House has recently voted to continue the pay freeze through 2013, saying it would save taxpayers $26 billion. The proposed budget put forth by President Obama last week calls for a 0.5% pay increase and 1.2% increase in retirement contributions.

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