Federal Pay Frozen in 2012

After receiving a 3.5% pay increase in 2008, a 3.9% raise in 2009 and a 2% increase in 2010, federal employees have seen their pay frozen for two years. Federal employees can still receive bonuses and get a pay increase if they earn a promotion.

The House has recently voted to continue the pay freeze through 2013, saying it would save taxpayers $26 billion. The proposed budget put forth by President Obama last week calls for a 0.5% pay increase and 1.2% increase in retirement contributions.

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Posted on Saturday 7th May, 2011, 11:49am

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Posted on Friday 16th March, 2012, 9:37am

I don’t think is fair! Why don’t the House take a pay freeze or better yet take a cut in pay.

Posted on Monday 2nd April, 2012, 5:49am

Washington uses the Federal work force’s TSP money, the House & Congress have lush perks and we get 8 more years of pay freezes? The Federal Work Force takes it on the chin very time. We need to feed our families also!

Posted on Tuesday 26th June, 2012, 2:41pm

Regarding the Federal Pay Freeze – I am honored to do my share to help and assist this wonderful country we call United States of America…but, what angers me and so many other’s like myself – Congress so swiftly and easily offered and acted (going on three (3) years) to freeze our past, current, and now future earns. What boils “the peoples” blood – Congress has not done the same, hasn’t even offered, and their pockets become fatter as our voices are heard even less.
Something truly needs to be done – is anyone out there listening…?

Posted on Thursday 16th August, 2012, 12:23pm

We want all members of congress to take an immediate 25% pay cut and that a wage-freeze begin immediately. This wage-freeze should remain in effect until the economy has completely recovered.

We want our elected members of congress to begin paying into social security instead of their privately funded retirement program.

We want our elected members of congress to pay their own way to and from work and for their meals (like the rest of us) instead of using a government expense account. This should also include using your own vehicle versus a government car.

These are hard times in America and your jobs are secure at least until the next election. Ours are not. We are losing our homes and forced to pay into social security and being a public servant should not equate to being an elitist.

Posted on Tuesday 23rd April, 2013, 8:27pm

Congress taking a pay cut/freeze of their own is a good cosmetic start. Cut to the chase. Bar themselves from any form of Speaker Fee or Other Paid Appearance. My understanding is that is where the money is. They need to feel our pain, which means getting closer to our actual Pay. They need to know that, unlike what some of them would have the public believe, a huge number of us live paycheck to paycheck.

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