About Federal Handbooks

FederalHandbooks was launched with one simple goal – to give federal employees the very best information available about pay, benefits, retirement planning, career decisions and much, much more! And to provide it to you in a series of straightforward, easy-to-understand handbooks – for FREE!

How can we do this?

Easy. We have a very small but dedicated staff of editors and writers who, over the years, have developed an expertise in the federal marketplace that no one else can match. And by offering these handbooks in an electronic format (PDF), our costs are almost nothing.

Why do we offer FREE handbooks?

That’s also easy to answer. Because, as only former feds can – we believe in federal service.
It’s that simple. We believe in what you do. And we believe that you have a right – a fundamental
right – to know what your federal benefits are. And we don’t think you should have to pay for that
information. And that’s why we launched FederalHandbooks.

Help us help you!

In the meantime, tell all your co-workers about FederalHandbooks.com – where former feds are publishing

FREE handbooks for federal employees and retirees – like you! Remember, we’re here for YOU! For FREE!

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