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There’s an App for Online College Education!

Pursuing an online education has many advantages over attending a brick and mortar school. Learning can take place almost anywhere, anytime. But that’s even more true today thanks to many schools using emerging technologies to offer content on mobile phones. Gone are the days of simply using a smartphone to make calls, send text messages to classmates or do a quick Google search. Mobile phones are quickly becoming an indispensable tool for students. There’s even a proper name for it: Mobile Learning (ML). ML is defined...

Republican Bill Would Offer Federal Health Plan to Seniors

In Mid-March, Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to replace Medicare with the health care plan currently offered to federal and congressional employees. The Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act would allow seniors to select any of the plans currently offered under the Federal Employee Health Benefit program, starting in 2014. Co-sponsors of the legislation include Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Jim DeMint (R-SC), and Mike Lee (R-Utah). Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said "Medicare as we know it is a false promise....

Webinar Series for Vets, Transitioning Military and Federal Employees

Grantham University is offering 2 series of complimentary webinars by their Career Services team. The series have been created to cover a variety of topics pertaining to the unique challenges in today's job market for transitioning service members and veterans. Shanna Fowler, career services manager, said "A common setback faced by transitioning service members is how to translate military experiences into corporate language — and how to best highlight their wide variety of skill sets for a specific position." Many...

Deal to Raise Employees’ Retirement Contribution

Federal negotiators stuck a deal in mid-February to significantly increase future federal employees' retirement contributions which will help pay for an extension is unemployment benefits. According to the American Federation of Government Employees, newly hired and rehired federal employees would have 3.1% of each paycheck put toward their Federal Employees Retirement System pensions. The current contribution rate is only 0.8%, so that amounts to a 2.3% increase. The increase will affect new hires and rehires beginning...

Federal Pay Frozen in 2012

After receiving a 3.5% pay increase in 2008, a 3.9% raise in 2009 and a 2% increase in 2010, federal employees have seen their pay frozen for two years. Federal employees can still receive bonuses and get a pay increase if they earn a promotion. The House has recently voted to continue the pay freeze through 2013, saying it would save taxpayers $26 billion. The proposed budget put forth by President Obama last week calls for a 0.5% pay increase and 1.2% increase in retirement contributions.

2012 Leave Chart

This leave chart is intended for Federal employees and will assist you in planning for federal holidays, annual leave, sick leave and comp time. The Excel version is a convenient way to calculate your balance of used leave throughout the year. Simply click HERE to download it.

Explore our Handbooks

More than 10 Million FREE handbooks have been sent to Federal employees since we created the series in 2001. From pay and performance reviews, to medical and retirement benefits, to information about how to help your children afford college or set up a long-term care account, you can find answers to any of your employee benefit questions in our handbooks. Explore our Handbooks

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